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Save an average of $720 each year with Shift. How It Works
Shift, Round Ups

What are round ups?

A round up is a calculated amount that rounds the value of a transaction up to the nearest dollar.

For example if you purchase a coffee for $3.45, Shift rounds up the transaction to $4.00 and deposits the extra $0.55 into a savings account.

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Shift, Goal Tracking Progress

Track Financial Goals

Quickly and easily setup your Shift account and the financial goals you are striving to achieve.

Change spending habits, track your progress along the way, and be notified of important steps to help you stay on pace to reaching your financial goals.

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Shift, Goal Tracking Progress

Simple to Use App

The Shift app allows you to easily deposit, withdraw and manage your transaction history. Also use the Shift app to set and track important financial goals for you and your family.

Shift, Dashboard Application
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Shift helps you set and succeed at reaching your financial goals. Save for a new car, your child's education or your first house.

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